Danny Malin raves over Yorkshire lamb curry house ‘fit for a king’

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Popular Yorkshire YouTube star and takeaway lover Danny Malin was back on the road again to taste the best eateries in the UK.

Earlier this week, Danny, whose channel is called Rate My Takeaway, travelled to Bradford to try Sweet Centre Restaurant. The Barnsley resident had first heard about the takeaway after watching BBC show Britain’s Best Takeaway.

He watched the programme on Jubilee weekend and was keen to try the lamb curry he saw on screen. The restaurant opened on December 12, 1964, and has been popular ever since.

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When customers walk into the Lumb Lane establishment, they are greeted with a wall of history which explains how the family run business began, and showcases old pictures of workers and customers over the years. Danny’s review came in time for the restaurant’s 50th anniversary, and he branded the takeaway “fit for a king”.

Travelling to the spot in his new BMW car, Danny said: “There’s some takeaways around here, I tell you.” On their website, Sweet Centre said: “Food is our passion.

The Rate My Takeaway star ordered a three-course meal at the popular takeaway which has been in Bradford since the 1960s
(Image: YouTube/Rate My Takeaway)

“Our chef indulges in creating a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense. We love to meet people who want to share their love of food at events, private parties and more.”

The YouTube star started his three-course meal review with a masala cod and some chicken wings. For his main meal he had lamb with spinach and pilau rice. He also ordered a garlic naan bread.

He ordered a traditional Indian pudding, and a fresh orange juice. His order was ?36.80 all together. “To me that’s not bad if the food tastes good”, Danny said.

Danny was keen to try the lamb curry at Sweet Centre after seeing it feature on a BBC show about Britain’s best takeaways
(Image: YouTube/Rate My Takeaway)

“Look at this. It is like a meal fit for a king.” Rating the fish first Danny said it was a lightly battered cod with a lot of different spices.

He added: “That does smell good. That is a bit of me. That cod is juicy and succulent. When you first put it in your mouth the battered reminded me of a really nice fish finger.”

“The fish itself is nice and soft. The flavours coming off that batter – wow – it amazed me to be fair.”

Next he dug into the chicken wings and said they were “wow”. “They have got a nice little kick to them.” He dipped them into a mint sauce and branded it “something else”.

Danny particularly loved the chicken wings at the eatery and said they are ‘the best he’s had for a while’
(Image: YouTube/Rate My Takeaway)

Danny couldn’t rate the eatery highly enough, adding: “If I am honest with you these chicken wings are some of the best I’ve had in a while. There was a tingling in the back of my throat.

“I cannot stress enough the spices in there and how good they are”. Next he dug into lamb on the bone, accompanied with spinach and tomatoes.

“It looks amazing, you are talking 40, 50 years of hard knowledge that has gone into that recipe”, he said. “I’ve done a couple of restaurants in Bradford and I have had a bit of lamb but this…just look how soft that is.

“This curry is what I wanted to come and try – it is the winner for me. Stick a fork in me I’m done.”

He also rated the naan bread he tried. “Overall guys I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Danny has rated a number of popular takeaways across Yorkshire and his videos raking in hundreds of thousands of views, from his half a million followers.

You can order from Sweet Centre Restaurant on Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Just Eat


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