Emmerdale fans slate Chas as viewers work out what will happen to Layla

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Emmerdale fans were treated to an hour long episode full of drama on Thursday.

As Chas struggled to deal with Faith’s cancer diagnosis she ended up shouting at the people closest before kissing Al at the Hide. Also in the episode viewers watched as doctor Liam Cavanagh assumed that his wife Layla is pregnant and asked her to take a test. However what Liam doesn’t know is that his wife is now addicted to cocaine and has been using it on a regular basis.

Throughout the episode fans flocked to social media to share their thoughts on the episode. However most Emmerdale fans shared their frustration with Chas as she shouted at husband Paddy because he had a brochure of a hospice that could be perfect for Faith as she reaches the end of her life.

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After the latest bust up with Paddy Chas went up to the Hide to find Belle to discuss a wellness retreat. However Belle was out and her business partner Al was available as the pair discussed a potential retreat the pair ended up in an argument.

Chas ended up outside of the Hide when Al finished work the pair ended up sharing a drink and sharing banter. The pair have history and quickly the flirting ended in a passionate kiss in the corner outside of the Hide.

The episode left fans furious with Chas and they let their frustration out on social media. @dianebaker01 said: “Chas is getting right on my wick #Emmerdale.”

@DionPetrie said: “Chas is horrible to Paddy #Emmerdale.” Whilst @FLady1980 added: “#emmerdale OMG Chas you can be a vile human being sometimes.”

@penniless_poet added: “Chas: “You must think I’m a right selfish cow” – well self aware then #Emmerdale.” @macnamara60 also added: “Yes, we DO think you’re a selfish cow, Chas. #Emmerdale.”

But that was not the only thing that Emmerdale fans took to social media for as they think they have worked out what is next for cocaine addict Layla. Over the last few weeks viewers have watched as Layla’s increased her use of cocaine whilst upsetting friends and family.

Her behaviour has become more iritic and chaotic however her husband and doctor Liam assumes that she is pregnant. After confronting her at home and asking her to a test Layla dismissed the idea and rushed off to work.

However Liam took lunch to the Take A Vow office for his wife before once again asking her to take the pregnancy test. However the episode ended before Layla returned with the result of the pregnancy test.

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts with most of the fans assuming that Layla will turn out to be pregnant. @mishybabez_ said: “Leyla is gonna be pregnant just watch #Emmerdale.”

@GeorgiaBowring added: “#Emmerdale She will be pregnant won’t she!” @kellymew_ also said: “Il laugh if she actually is pregnant #emmerdale.”

@AmandaLooLah said: “Watch Layla be pregnant after all.” Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV One and the ITV Hub.

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