Noel Gallagher spotted posing with fans in queue at Leeds Bradford Airport

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Passengers travelling from Leeds Bradford Airport on Wednesday (June 22) had quite the surprise when Noel Gallagher turned up.

The 55-year-old Oasis legend was spotted outside the Yeadon airport in a pair of sunglasses before he jetted off. Infoserve, a marketing business who have an office in the Southside Aviation department at the airport, said they were “star-struck” when they saw him.

Noel, who was wearing a brown jacket, blue trousers, and white trainers, posed with fans outside the airport where the sun was shining. Fans said he was “really nice” when they chatted to him.

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Staff at Infoserve chatted to Noel and took some photographs with him. In a post on the “bespoke” and “high quality” digital marketing page, staff members said: “Some might say we all felt a little bit star-struck when Noel Gallagher strolled into our office yesterday.

“We invited him in for a coffee, he said maybe, but ultimately declined because he had to get back to the promise land on his flying bird. Although we were gutted that he had to decline such a tempting offer, it was an absolute pleasure to meet an iconic rock and roll star.

Marketing business Infoserve were ‘star-struck’ when they saw the rock and roll star
(Image: Infoserve)

“We all felt supersonic for the rest of the day Unfortunately, there was a distinct lack of gin and tonics. Wonder who we might see next.

“He was in a rush though as he had a flight to catch.” Noel will have joined passengers who have been hit by issues when heading to Leeds Bradford Airport recently.

On Wednesday one passenger said they spotted more staff in Duty Free than on the check-in desks, while on Thursday morning another passenger said queuing up was “like a nightclub”.

The Infoserve team at the Yeadon airport pose with Neil Gallagher before he ‘rushes’ to get on a flight
(Image: Infoserve)

Queues stretched into the airport carpark – which has been ongoing since April. Even though all flights have been delayed so far this morning, those visiting have been impressed with the efficiency of the “nightclub-esque” system in place to allow passengers in.

Passengers have reported the queues have been moving smoothly with staff calling flight numbers in with help of a loudspeaker. This comes as LBA continues to be affected with understaffing.

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