Pascal Struijk is shouldering the weight of Leeds United’s latest transfer risk

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Progress with Junior Firpo’s injury is accelerating and his rapid recovery is narrowing the window Leeds United must make do without him. The stop-gap, the man who has to make all of this work in the meantime is Pascal Struijk.

The Firpo does not miss another match after his return from this injury and goes on to hit performance levels few could have anticipated, the one problem remains the current pocket of time. Struijk is the man this initial risk is resting on in an area of the field where Marsch’s tactics demand control down the full length of the pitch.

And if we revert to the real world where Firpo could well miss at least the odd game here and there, Struijk again becomes the nominated stand-in. <a href="" rel="Follow" target="_self" data-link-tracking="InArticle